photo: Roseberry 7/4/1911

History of Roseberry

historic image of Roseberry Hotel

In the late 1800's there were several families residing in and around Roseberry. By the spring of 1905, the town of Roseberry was growing, complete with a hotel, two black smith shops, two stores, a restaurant, butcher shop, logging mill, and a creamery destined to be the largest in Long Valley.

historic image of Women with Steer

In 1914-15, the Pacific, Idaho and Northern Railroad line traveled through Long Valley two miles west of the town of Roseberry. Homes and businesses were moved to intersect the rail line at this new location, creating the new town of Donnelly. Roseberry became a semi-ghost town with a few sturdy structures and the remnant population.

History of Valley County

historic image of Threshing

Valley County was established on February 26, 1917 with its county seat in Cascade. Named for the outstanding topographical feature of the area, Long Valley. Fur trappers were the first men of European descent in the area, but permanent settlement did not take place until the 1880s when livestock ranchers moved into Long Valley. With the completion of the Cascade Dam in 1948, a large swath of the southern part of the valley was covered by Lake Cascade. The population was 9,862 at the 2010 census. The county seat is Cascade, and the largest city is McCall.

Those interested in researching Long Valley History, can schedule time in the Nelle Tobias Research Center. Historical information is also abounds in books, artifacts and other items in the museum and gift shop.

Valley County History Project

Cover of Valley County Idaho, Prehistory to 1920

The Valley County History Project is a nonprofit group of volunteer writers and historians compiling, writing and publishing books on the history of Valley County in a collaborative effort.

Their mission is to learn about and preserve the wealth of our local history and to be supportive in making this information available to those seeking to learn more about the people and events that have shaped Valley County. Publications of the Valley County History Project and many other books are available in the Valley County Museum at Roseberry.

For more information, please contact or PO Box 133, Donnelly, Idaho 83615.